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Perspective for Quilters, an article I wrote appeared in the January 2014 issue of American Quilter Magazine.

There was a photo of my quilt St Augustine in the March/April 2012 issue of Machine Quilting Unlimited Magazine .

Visit the Academy of Quilting to find my currect Schedule of Online classes.

Recipes for dishes that are mainly meatless, and dairy-free.

Do you want to know what you are eating?
Links to Articles on Food and Health

Hey! What's for Dinner? Blog


A brief tutorial on Binding by Machine

Information about Fusible Web Products and How to Use Them
This may be old hat for many experienced quilters,
but helpful for those who may be new to the different types of fusibles out there.

Information about Stabilizers and How to Use Them

Information about Interfacing

How to Display Journal Quilts
Instructions on how to make a small border quilt and attach journal quilts to it.
The Results: Journal Quilts displayed with their new borders.

Just for fun, how I spent the snowy winter of 2011:
Scrap Blocks and Toadstools


New Work:


New Bern
added 02/27/12


Mabry Mill
added 02/27/12

Santa Fe Courtyard
added 12/03/11

Summer's End
added 09/28/11

summer's end

Autumn Road
added 01/18/11

autumn road quilt

St. Augustine
added 01/10/11

Fast Fridays Challenges
updated 12/03/11

fast fridays
More about this quilt


Work in Progress

Not exactly new, but here is a block
I made for a community quilt

Large Images

I have some images here on the site that are large enough to make it easy to see stitching.
Follow the links below. If you see thumbnails, click on the images to see the large pictures:

Flower Power Quilts:
Mountain Laurel

A Gallery of Beading
a Fancy Sampler and
Beaded Elephants, in progress


Miniature Landscapes

A Hummingbird Sample
from my Upside-Down Applique class

A Seahorse Sample
from my Upside-Down Applique class

Viewpoints Class Sample

Student Galleries

Flower Power Gallery      Landscape Gallery

Flower Power Gallery from my January 2013 class at QU

If you have taken either the "Flower Power" or "On Land and Sea" class
and would like to display your work in the student gallery, please send me a photo. 
These student works are amazing, so I hope you will visit the
student galleries.

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