Mabry Mill

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Mabry Mill

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I began this quilt in May 2011, as I was preparing for a Photos to Quilts class at the Jacksonville Center in Floyd, VA.

Mabry Mill is a local landmark on the Blue Ridge Parkway. It is always a lovely ride to the Mill along the Parkway and backroads, no matter the season. It is a nice spot to get out and walk around and visit the historical displays. On a visit to the Mill, I took the photo that inspired this quilt.

At left, see the original photo on which the quilt was based. You can also click on the photo above to see a larger picture of the quilt.

The Making of Mabry Mill

Below, I have photos of the quilt in progress which were posted as I made the quilt. You can see larger photos by clicking on the small ones below.
Note:The photos are in reverse order. In other words, the earlier in-progress shots are closer to the bottom of the page.


Update: February 19, 2012
2011 © Susan Brittingham

Quilting in the center is about 2/3 done. The borders need quilting, plus, a label, sleeve, binding, etc. This must be finished by February 27 in order to go into the "New Works" Exhibit at my local Arts Center

Update:February 12, 2012
2011 © Susan Brittingham

The border is done, and attached. Now to bat it up and quilt it, plus labels, sleeves, binding, etc.

Update: February 5
2011 © Susan Brittingham

The safety pins are gone which means that all the edge stitching is complete. I changed the foreground, trimmed the quilt top and added a small border. I am working on constructing an outside border.

Update: January 29, 2012
2011 © Susan Brittingham

I continue to work on the edges. I also did some work on the reflections and under the bank. The safety pins indicate areas that still need attention before it is ready to be batted up and quilted.

Update: January 22, 2012
2011 © Susan Brittingham

This week I have been working on finishing edges. This step anchors the edges so that they do not fray. I also darkened the shadows in the under-structure of the mill this week.

October 23, 2011:
2011 © Susan Brittingham
The fence is complete and partially attached. I have been working on edge finishing, which really does not change the overall look of the quilt much from a distance.

October 23, 2011: details
2011 © Susan Brittingham
2011 © Susan Brittingham

2011 © 
Susan Brittingham

Above, October 16: Final fence, a combination of applique and thread painting
Below, October 9: First thread painted fence. Just didn't love it.

2011 © Susan Brittingham

2011 © 
Susan Brittingham

August 21:
Worked on the right side, completing the trees and covering the last of the exposed stabilizer. The green foreground is sewn on. Next week, I am going to try to work on my lawn chair quilt.
The lawn chair quilt has a deadline, Mabry Mill does not.

2011 © Susan Brittingham
August 14, 2011
This week I added some reflections
and tested out a green for the foreground.

2011 © Susan Brittingham
August 7, 2011
This week I worked on the big tree.

2011 © Susan Brittingham
July 30, 2011
This is my first posting

I teach the techniques I used to make this quilt in several of my classes. At Quilt University you can learn to make a drawing/pattern from a photo in my "On Land and Sea" class and in "Flower Power". I call the applique technique I am using "Upside-Down Applique". It is another of my QU classes. Upside Down Applique is one of several applique methods I teach in the Flower Power class.

I also teach a two day live class, called "From Photo to Quilt" at the Jacksonville Center for the Arts in Floyd VA. This is an "on-demand" class. When we have enough people interested in the class, it will be scheduled to suit the participants.

Coming up in June, I will be teaching a class at Blue Ridge Quilt Festival in Blacksburg, VA on how to make color changing borders. The class is called "Building Better Borders".

Susan's Quilt University class schedule

Photo to Quilt at the Jacksonville Center

More information about From Photo to Quilt


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