Fancy Sampler Photos

Some students in my Quilt University class "To Bead or Not to   Bead" have asked for a large printable picture of the fancy sampler, so I am providing these images for those students. The pictures are large so if you have slow connection you might not wish to follow these links. Each image will print on a single sheet of paper. The sampler is divided into four sections for highest resolution. The sections overlap.

CLICK ON THE IMAGES to see the larger photos.

t_sampler_full.jpg (10665 bytes)

Full Sampler -- good resolution, close to life size

t_samp_top_left.jpg (8157 bytes)

Top left section of sampler (102K)

t_samp_top_right.jpg (9058 bytes)

Top right section of sampler (106K)

t_samp_bottm_left.jpg (8858 bytes)

Bottom left section of sampler (102K)

t_samp_bottm_right.jpg (8932 bytes)

Bottom right section of sampler (105K)

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