Autumn Road

Copyright 2010 Susan Brittingham
Copyright 2010 Susan Brittingham
Size 43" x 35.5"

In autumn every country road can become an enchanted pathway through the changing colors of a leafy canopy. This road leads me home.

This quilt was inspired by a photo taken in Floyd County, Virginia on the road to my home there. The light, the colors, the beautiful views along almost any road in the county make autumn a favorite time for day trips, and turn any errand out to the grocery store or to buy a spool of thread into something special.

The quilt was first shown at the 7th Biennial Quilt exhibition at Piedmont Arts Association in Martinsville, VA. The theme of the exhibit was a celebration of the Blue Ridge Parkway's 75th anniversary. Autumn Road was selected to represent the BRP exhibit in the lobby of the Arts Center. To me, the scene depicted in the quilt typifies the region though which the Parkway passes.

The quilt was also exhibited at the 2011 Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival in Hampton as part of a special exhibit called "Journey's Bridges and Pathways".

Copyright 2010 Susan Brittingham
A detail of the quilt.

At left, see the original photo on which I based the quilt.
All of my quilts are made using only fabric and thread. No painting. The techniques I used to complete this quilt are ones I teach in my classes, many of which I teach at Learn how to turn a photo into a pattern in either my "On Land and Sea" class or "Flower Power".
I will also be teaching a class called "From Photo to Quilt" at the Jacksonville Center in Floyd VA. Visit the Jacksonville Center website and look for classes in "Fiber" for more information.

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